about me

  • oh crap, i will be 41 in september
  • married in 1993
  • piles of kids: b1, b2, b3, b4, and g5. their ages range from 15 down to 7 and they are all from my first wife
  • currently a cognos tech guy for an insurance company
  • hacker poser since i picked up my first copy of 2400 at barnes & noble
  • punk rock poser since i first heard of the ramones in ’81
  • i’ve seen and listened to the likes of the ramones, dropkick murphys, flogging molly, descendants, frenzal rhomb, nofx, pennywise, bare naked ladies (back when they still played mcdonalds girl), bouncing souls, suicide machines, bad religion,to name a few
  • i’ve yet to see but do listen to voodoo glow skulls, streetlight manifesto, casualties, down by law, stiff little fingers, billy talent, less than jake, dickies, crass, me first and the gimme gimmes, dead kennedys, and on and on, the list gets long
  • fell so far in love with the palm pre that i switched to sprint on the day it came out, june 6, 2009, and have not looked back since
  • absolutely loved my palm iii, palm v, visor, and treo 600, until i really needed to take decent pix with it, really needed wifi and wireless broadband
  • avid microsoft basher, but was catching all of my podcasts on an apache 6700 ppc pda phone for 2.5 yrs while waiting for the perfect andriod phone, blackberry, or palm linux phone to come out on verizon
  • avid country music basher
  • avid apple inc basher
  • avid politician basher
  • live in buffalo sabres country
  • thankfully lost interest in football, because i do not live in miami dolphins country
  • lost interest in baseball, but will catch an occasional red sox game on a hot sunday afternoon

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