somehow we set up 1 of our groups of users to be able to save as excel, while all of other users can not do it. i looked through all of the supervisor options to enable saving of documents and could not figure out how to do it. the obvious option in supervisor is to grant a user the priviledge to generate in excel format , just like generate in pdf. but that didn’t work. users still only had the inforview option to save as a personal doc. finally, i broke down and went to the group that it was woring for, determined to break their priviledges, asnd just start disabling options until they lost the priviledge. sometime brute force is the only way to go! after 5 min i found that the option to download business objects documents was what i was looking for. with this option enabled, the users get the 3 options to save a file to their computer, pdf, excel, csv.

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