sorry about the technology posts, but i need to start posting more about the technology that i play with.

so i have this verizon xv6700 phone and it runs the dreaded micr0$0ft mobile operating system. now i have to say that i have thoroughly enjoyed this device as a media player (using tcpmp, not windows media player) and as a blogging tool (pocket sharp mt is a great posting tool) and verizon’s high speed internet makes using google maps awesome. i mean i totally got a friend and myself un-lost in lower nyc because he had a t-mob blackberry pearl. i could type faster and download map images faster. and i don’t know where i’d be without wireless downloading of all of my podcasts (using ilium’s newsbreak).

did you notice the part of the device that i did not mention? right! the phone part. it’s really not that great a phone. well yes, and the operating system part is not the greatest either. and that brings me to the upgrade.

i have been following some of the pocketpc forums around hacking the phone to make it do things that were hidden from us and unlock features that were blocked in the software and other customizations… fascinating stuff! and it is amazing how much time people put into making the device work the way they want it to, instead of just conforming to the way the phone carrier or micr0$0ft wants us to use it.

just recently someone released a version of the rom that upgrades my phone to the latest version of the operating system, knowing that verizon and other carriers have abandoned the device for the newer ones and therefore forcing people like me to shell out another $300 for the latest software on hardware that is not all that much better.

last weekend i finally sat down and attempted the upgrade and it worked. and here is my new-feeling phone, still not customized yet to look real snazzy, but at least the os is upgraded and there are some new apps that are kinda cool. and except for something with my backup software that totally hangs the device, the os is snappier and much more stable.

wm6 htc startup screen IMG_9550

IMG_9555 IMG_9557

and again, the cool part is that someone else noticed that this rom release is sorta generic and had some minor flaws for verizon customers, so he has taken that customized rom and made his own version of it that corrects a bunch of stuff and adds a few other helpfull apps specific to my carrier. in a matter of weeks, when the carrier has not even done squat for over a year. this just rocks!! so this weekend, now that i am more confident that i can run these upgrades easily, i will be putting an even newer version on my phone. can’t wait!!

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  1. devin says:

    does the gps work now?

  2. woowoo says:

    @devin: what gps? never tried. don’t know where to start enlighten me.

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