starting tonight or tomorrow i will start posting a slew of pix of personalized plates that i see while driving to/from work or just around town.i have 2 reasons for starting this new stream of posts: #1 boredom, my drive to work just doubled + 5 min. it is boring, except for the listening to podcasts part. i needed something to do while driving. and #2 insurance, my car insurance is so cheap that i’m afraid that my ins co is going to go under. i need to have a reason for them to up my rate. i think a good cell phone related accident would be a great way to accomplish it.
i can’t believe how many there are (or how lucky i am to see all these things) i hope to set up the phone so that i can take the shot and post the pic with comments while driving using only one hand.

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  1. wildy says:

    Ay mate, could you make me a referral on that uber-cheap car insurance company? I’ll trade you two aggies and a Nixon. The Nixon is slightly decomposed, but still ebullient…

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