what to do. my verizon new-every-two is up this month and the mobile phone upgrade choices are more confusing than ever.

the newest ppc/smart phones out on verizon are the htc titan (xv6800), samsung i760, and the htc libra (xv5800). here is a link to a comparison.

each one has good and bad, but how do i choose between them. i really like the form factor and weight and front number pad of the libra,

but it is not touch screen (which i don’t think i need), not bluetooth 2.0, no jog wheel, weaker battery, and no one is talking about it.

the i760 is an ugly version of everything that the libra is, plus the larger touch screen,

but it has a proprietary connector that can not sync and charge at the same time, the talk/end buttons are on the side, less rom (128 vs 256), 1.3mp camera.

the titan is probably the best of the bunch, having all of the important things: 2mp camera, bluetooth 2.0, 256mb rom, large touch screen, good keyboard,

but after having the apache (6700), i’m not sure i want the same sort of phone again. is that wrong?

maybe i should just hold out for 3-6 more months and see what hardware the google android project ends up on or what the palm 800w looks like, or, heaven forbid, the blackberry pearl or 8830, the motorola q or the blackjack ii.

aaarrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh! too many options!!!!

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  1. smoemeth says:


    You know you want to!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. woowoo says:

    oh man! i know that i want to. i love that form factor. but not until they get wifi and more memory and a faster cpu. and then the new linux palm is still 12 – 18 months out. palm is so cooked if they don’t do something fabulous in ’08…

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