I am at the verizon store and mike (guy in the center) just convinced me to get the new xv5800. well… he helped me convince myself to try it. with the $50 rebate, my “new every 2”, and employee discount, the thing is costing me only $150. here is the beauty in my hand, so small, so light, no antenna. sweetish!

so, this is my last posing with a 1.3 megapixel, touch screen. here’s to the touch screen! you’ve been good to me. now watch, i hate the wm6 standard for some crazy reason or can’t deal without wifi and return it in 30 days from the 6800 or i760… i wish the curve was out on verizon this month.

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  1. smoemeth says:

    Wait, I’m confused … what did you end up getting?

  2. woowoo says:

    i ended up with the 5800 smartphone. i have now had it 2 weeks and it is pretty nice. i have only installed necessary software. i have found myself spending less time fiddling with it and more time using it. oh no, i take that back. i have fiddled quite a bit with the home screen to get quick access icons so i can jump to my fav apps as well as see appointments and tasks on the home screen. at this point it is not perfect, but something i can live with. i still have 2 weeks to switch out for something else and i really do miss the wifi (even though i have ev-do)

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