gotta kick outta these bumper stickers when parking for work.

“dissent –> patriotism for america”
“leadership without accountability ==> corruption”

i do have to say that i am clueless as to how to vote for the next 2 term pres. look at the choices! war-monger vs. liberal chick in it for the fame vs. first term lame ducker. what kind of choice is that? 2 outta the 3 i guarantee are not trustworthy and that leaves obama. his platform is nothing new and innovative. maybe that is a good thing. do nothing new, but fix the education system that has been falling apart for years, address the employment market and economic issues that are plaguing us, and do something (please, something!) about health care. my biggest problem with obama is his pro-choice stance. pro-choice is just wrong.

but if i based my decision on this one topic, then we would be stuck the pro-war fanatic!!

aarrgghh! how do i vote?? can’t there be a third party that is everything i am looking for in a pres??

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