a couple weekends ago, i got to talk with a good friend, j, that i rarely get to talk with. she has more kids than me and volunteers a ton at school and lives in utah, so that makes her hard to get a hold of.

j totally interrupted my exercise plans on that sat morning but i didn’t mind too much. we got to catch up on all that is going on in our lives.

the one thing we got talking about was schooling. i grew up in private schools, but have my kids in the public schools. the suburban school system they are in is well respected and actually one of the reasons we moved to this town. j has her kids in private school, but can only afford to keep them in through the end of middle school. so we were comparing notes.

i feel some concern that my kids are not being prepared for future schooling and that the fed govt is really only focusing on good grades in math and english and the pressure is causing the schools to design their programs around test-taking, not well rounded education. my kids come home with very few long term papers, book report assignments, essays, etc. are they gonna be ready for and be able to succeed at college with this foundation? now that my oldest is getting closer to high school, i am starting to get concerned. i know this is a bit late to the game, but at least i am noticing and trying to figure out what to do about it.

j, on the other hand, thinks her kids are learning a lot and getting a well rounded education, since private schools don’t need to adhere to the “one child left behind” program. I nearly fell off the treadder when she made that faux-paux. she went on to voice her concern that as her kids move into public high school, they would be singled out as the “one child” and drop out before graduating.

i hope none of either family’s kids drop outta high school. now more than ever, education is key to making a decent living in the world… that and good computer skills!!

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  1. smoemeth says:

    Ohhh, this is one of my hot-button topics … I could (and do ๐Ÿ˜‰ go on for HOURS.

    My mom, who taught everything between grades 3-8 for almost 30 years and was born to be a teacher, is positive that if she were just starting out today, there’s no way she would put herself through it. All they can do is teach to the tests … teachers in public schools are no longer allowed to actually teach the kids anything useful. A good friend of ours is currently teaching middle school in Manhattan, and she’s only been at it 3 years and she’s already almost done for the exact same reason.

    My aunt is in charge of the “no child left behind” program for the state of Maine, and she’s got some stories to tell too … :/

    I come from somewhat of a biased position because I, too, never spent a day in a public school … but if I had kids, I would mortgage my life 3x to put them into a private high school, and figure out how to pay for college later. Only the private schools have the leeway to actually *teach*. And boy, is that ever a messed up situation.

  2. rollaway says:

    For what it’s worth, my kids have gone to a small private school since kindergarten, and now that my son will be entering high school this fall, we’re starting to look at augmenting his education w/classes at a community college if needed. The school is excellent, but is too small to have a guidance counselor, and we’re not yet sure what options are available for college prep in a specific major. My son will most likely be pursuing a tech track and really needs to get deep in math and physics. We chose to go the private route for the same reasons you both mentioned. But we couldn’t afford to send them to one of the biggies. We’re just grateful that this school was close by, affordable, and really cared about the kids.

  3. Jen_with all the kids says:

    I’m sure ONE will be left behind. Maybe not in school but somewhere!! Suprised it hasn’t happened yet actually! BTW, I was talking with the other J and telling her some of the story. Low and behold I made the same mistake!! HaHa! Then I had to tell her how I said it to you too. And ummmm I’m not quite as far as Utah, no plane ride needed! Geesh, you city folk!

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