ok here we go. my “stylish” teen needed new sneeks bad. real bad. the old ones were worn and torn and a good 1/2 size too small for him. so he and i treaked out to get some new sneekers. of course, we couldn’t get just any ol sneek, and we certainly weren’t gonna be caught at target or payless. we had to go to some hot place in the mall, zoomers. so i bent a little and went inside a mall.

eew. i hate those places.

we headed over to zoomers and started looking at the selection. believe it or not, his eyes immediately gravitated to the 2 ugliest pair ‘o sneeks on the rack.

how does every teen generation find uglier crap to like then the teen generation before them, and the one before, and before that, etc.

so anyway, he really liked the green and yellow pair, on top, but the price was too high and they didn’t have his size, so he settled with the bottom pair, the banana shoes. but they are shiney!! oh that is so ugly…

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