how does fat grab ya? yup. i go away for the week and it turns into a poundage-fest. well, technically, since i was in toronto canada, i loaded on the kgs. i think that after 10 wks of this, i have proven that exercise doesn’t do squat for weight loss, unless maybe some great diet practices are followed as well. i didn’t go nuts on junk food, except for the drive there and back, and i wassn’t any sort of pig while there. i even skipped breakfast and lunch one day. i stopped for dq one night after an indian dinner cause you always gotta wash vindaloo down with some soft-serve. but really that was it. my exercise wavered a little, because my shins were bothering me again, but i still exercised 4 outta 5 mornings.

so i ask you, all 7 faithful skinny readers, how am i up to 240.5 lbs????

wait! that was supposed to be retorical. i don’t reall wanna know what you think. it’ll hurt too much. well, ok, tell me. bring it on. I need something to talk about….

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  1. woj says:

    i blame water weight!

    new site design is nice-looking! woot!

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