who knows of this phenomenon? i weigh myself before and after working out (may i mention that i walked 5 1/4 miles today) and there is a significant difference in my weight. before the workout, the lard stops flubbering at 237.5 lbs. surprisingly, the post exercise flub count is only 233.5 lbs. i’ve noticed on several other occasions, but since it is repeatable, i’m really interested in knowing why. is it that my electrons are shooting around my body and causing perception of weightlessness? or are hot molecules lighter? or do i really just sweat that much… what is the scientific reason?

well, besides the scientific inquery, i’m comforted to be back to heading in the right direction. i truly thought i was going to have to take drastic measures today, but maybe they are only diverted for another week or so. who knows. we’ll see.

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  1. rollaway says:

    It’s water weight.

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