pictures not up yet… gimme a day or 2…

here is my synopsis of day 1 of 4 at camp. we were early birds. that means that we left home at 6:45 am to be the first ones to camp. that way, we got great parking spots and went through the tour of all the activity stations first to get it all out of the way. then we decorated our camp site with our khights of the round table themed stuff. one of our moms is really creative and designed this huge castle front that we had to figure out how to string up between the trees in our entry way. it turned pretty impressive.

we then did afternoon activities. boating, outdoor skills, and swimming. of course my younger boy was not interested in following the schedule. he tried the boating and loved it, until the heavens opened up on us. boy did it pour!

beyond that, all he wanted to do was fish. so we did. for 2 hours… fish, fish, fish. we caught pearch and blue gill. this other kid caught the beast under the dock!! a large mouth bass that is about 15″ long. that kept us planted on the dock for the rest of the day.

after dinner, we watched the staff do a boat load of skits, that were pretty funny, and sing camp songs. we then ended the day with our own site camp fire and lots of shmarshmellows and chocolate!!

hopefully, we don’t get any more rain. the puddles are massive and deep!

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