i am writing this update as someone who has survived another day of camp. this full day began at 6:40 am, with a massive urge to use the bathroom. we then went fishing at 7 am, and proceeded to fish until breakfast time. breakfast included the epic taunting chorus of “there ain’t no flies on us, there ain’t no flies on us, there might be flies on some-a you guys, but there ain’t no flies on us!” and of course some tables responded with an equally taunting chorus that sounds the same, but includes bugs and slugs.

after breakfast, we were supposed to start our activities, but my wolf cub refused… so we went fishing… until lunch.

after lunch, guess what we did? fishing! but for only a little bit, because it was only 92f degrees out and for some reason, the fish were not biting. so we went swimming! well, not really. we went to the beach and played in the sand. since i had to stay with my buddy, i couldn’t just go swim by myself. so i baked some more.

finally, we finished off the day with some boating and some more sand play. the boats were fun. paddle, paddle, paddle. i’m so glad i walk 4 mi/day or that paddle boat woulda kicked my butt!! here’s some interesting shots of playing in the sand. one boy, a bucket, and a shovel, and big dreams of a big hole in the ground. my son and i set out to dig a deep hole. why? who knows! er, i mean, cause that’s what ya do in the sand! and he was minding his business too. then one other boy wanted to help, then another, then a pair, then some of his friends. before we new it ther was a pile of kids working on this hole and a river from the hole back to the lake, and a dam, and filling the hole with water. it was pretty neat to watch the whole thing unfold. enjoy the shots.

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