woah. ever been in a really strong wind storm with only an old canvas tarp protecting you? we just were! overnight into day 3, this crazy storm, that thankfully dumped rain onto some other town, passed through. it was crazy. you feel like the next big gust would knock your tent over!

after that storm passed, my headache, that i had for hours, got worse. and i couldn’t find my motrin! oh! it hurt so bad, i was getting sick to my stomache and i couldn’t fall back to sleep either. then my son falls off the cot. i jumped outta bad, startled by the noise but i don’t initially see him. oh crap! he fell right off the platform, outta the tent. the best part? still sleeping! i put him back on his cot, half in his bag, and he just keeps a-snoozin’ on. too funny!

but i wasn’t in the mood for funny. of course, now i really could’t sleep, with my head pounding and all worried that he would fall out again. ugh! who invented camping and/or scouting!! hate you!

i finally got some sleep, about an hour, 5:30 to 6:30, and i was looking and feeling ragged. once the natural light came, i was able to find the motrin, and popped a couple. it still took almost 3 hrs after that to feel somewhat better again. my neck was real sore and my back was still killing! and then the rain came! uuugh! nasty cold and heavy!

and with all that rain coming down, what did the boy want to do? fish. so we fished… and the rain subsided to a light drizzle. but when it was his brother’s turn to fish off the pontoon boat, we got to go along! in the middle of listening to the boat rules, the skies opened up again so we waited for the rain to slow down, and eventually it did enough to go out and have a go at some boat fishing.

but just as we got to our fishing spot and put ojut the lines, the thunder began to pound, so we had to head back to land. uuugh! and dodge ball it was until lunch! let me tell ya, those dodge ball kids are vicious! it’s just a game kids! geez!

during lunch the rain finally passed over us and the sky cleared up and my headache was completely gone and the day started looking up and the afternoon consisted of more fishing and another fishing boat expedition. this time, we had fun! lots of it! wahoo! and the boy even caught something!

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  1. mcarrato says:

    What’s with the weather this year? Other than the 4th of July weekend it seems like every day is dominated by rain or the threat of rain. I think I remember that early morning downpour and that was nasty – I can’t imagine being in a tent during all that… but it looks like you made the best of the bad weather anyway.

  2. woowoo says:

    dude – it’s the hurricanes coming up the coast… it sure is easy to have a great time when you don’t really care how neat and clean you. bath tonight? naw… we’ll just get spiders in our hair anyway and get all muddy on the way back to the tent. let’s just swim it off tomorrow! we did have a lot of fun because we spent so little time inside the 4 walls of a building, only breakfast lunch and dinner in the mess hall!

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