aaaggghhh! my mobile is starting to die, after 2.5 yrs of love and happiness and iphoneless joy. just yesterday, while exercising, the bluetooth suddenly stopped working. ever since, i have not been able to get the mic and receiver to work. I figured it was the cuil new throttle launcher software that I was trying out. nope. uninstalled it and still no talking. maybe I just needed a soft reset (this thing is windows, you know). nope. still no talking. ok. let’s get crazy. backup everything and hard reset. waaaa! still no luck. although the phone rings, no other sound works and the thing won’t even go into speakerphone mode.

crap! i’m not ready for a new phone!

i am holding out for the touch pro. look at these reviews:

htc touch pro hardware hands-on
htc touch pro software and gui hands-on

now that is something to look forward to. look at the speed, the memory, the size, the keyboard, the flush screen, oh man!

let me know if you think there is something better and it doesn’t begin with the letter ” i “.

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