those were the first words outta my 9 yr old’s mouth after the silver bullet ride at the amusement park came to a stop. geez. it was the second time round on the second ride of the night at darien lake. the poor guy had blood dripping everywhere.

this fun ride, that has been around for ever, totally caught us by surprise. the cage that you get into looks fun and swings freely left to right. then the ride starts to spin, centrifugally. the cage swings outward and you start to feel it pushing you against the back and bottom of the seat. you can feel the g-forces. then the ride lifts up until it is perpendicular to the ground. now your spinning vertically. then after probably 20 seconds it comes back down and the ride is finished.

so I think what the boy with the broken head did was he leaned too far forward on the seat, let go, holding his hands in the air like superman and closed his eyes, so she could feel like he was flying. he ended up changing his center of gravity and the force pushed his chest and head down so strongly that his head poped the center support along the floor of the cage in an instant. he sat back up with blood streaming down his face. i had the smarts (??) not to take any really bad pix, but once we got to the hospital, i snapped a couple. i do want everyone to remember that this kid was a trooper. no crying, cracking jokes, smiling through it all. even after one big stitch on the inside and 5 staples on the surface of the 1.5″ gash in his head.

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