and here we are. the past 3 weeks have not been the greatest to me. i have not exercised 6 days each week, i’ve stayed up late (sometimes work sometimes stupidity) and slept late 3 or 4 mornings.  i’ve been somewhat stressed by the last weeks of summer; school crap shopping, broken bones and cracked skulls, bored children, mouthy children, teenagers that think they are 25 and living in their own house with their own rules, then my windows computer died, then my phone sorta died (everything worked except for making/taking phone calls). yikes, lotso little stuff piled up.

but there have been good times to, niagara falls outing, darien lake with the boy, a buffalo bills pre-season fotball game, a couple trips to the smaller local amusement park (pix still being uploaded), and loads of fun at the local pools!!

so here i am, trying to reach some lofty 2008 goals amidst all of this fun and furvor. of course, out of all of them, the one-an-only-one i wouldlove to reach was to lose the 50 lbs. the last 3 weeks have been so crazy that i have not posted much, i have even skipped the skinny updates, so here they are. 2 weeks ago, 236.0, last week 236.5, this week 235.0. it saddens me that i have worked out so hard all summer to at least get to and maintain a weifght below 230 lbs. blows my mind that this simple goal was not reached. and now, with 4 months left in the year, i am teetering on the brink of failure.

hence, i am starting skinny v5, and going back to no sugar because when i combined no sugar with consistent exercise back in 2006, the results we amazing. 2-3 lbs per week and 10 lbs per month. the great thing was that i sustained it for 3 months until personal stress ripped through and ended my ambition to keep losing weight. it was amazing to remember that it got me down to 218 that year. this time i can and will sustain it for 4 months!

skinny v5 is my way of saying that i am personally committed to making this goal a reality. i need to do this for myself. the exercise has been a great infusion into my life, but exercise alone will not take off this fat and flub. ‘sides, i really wanna cross this goal off at the end of december!

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