yup the title says it all, a week ago saturday the no sugar diet dissolved into oblivion as the lbs rose to 235.5 and this week was no exception as the lbs continued to rise to a flopingly 238.5. i am trying desperately to get back on the ride and make a last ditch effort to get under the infamous 230 barrier before the end of the year, but tonight’s bowl of ice cream is sending me the wrong signals. there is one nearly-buddy on the intertubes that has successfully gone from 208 to 165 in 4 months using medifast. that gives me pause, because i once said that i would not ever join a gym or pay some company money for food to lose weight, but now i am deducting money from my paycheck at work to use their facilities (granted it is a small sum compared to paying for a “real” gym, but still), and look where it has gotten me. yes, i am exercising 5 or 6 days a week, but i have not lost the weight that i wanted to yet this year, heck, i am only down 6 lbs, 6 lousy lbs against my goal of 50! grmph! do i try the food buying thing or do i hanker down and keep battling with the good food vs. bad food that i find around my house?? and wher do i get the motivation (like this guy peter) to stick to it so that reach this bolldy goal?!!?

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  1. nikolaidis says:

    Two words: “Do it.” You are already paying for food, so this is no different. You just happen to be buying food that will be working with you on your goal.

    I can’t tell you how much happier I am with my body now that I’m at a healthy weight. It is an amazing feeling. Do it.

    — Peter

  2. woowoo says:

    yeah, yeah, still researching the feasibility. see, i have lost 38 lbs before doing a no sugar diet for 4 months plus exercise, but it is hard to manage when there is lots of junk and lots of stress around. all i did was eat my normal portions of meat daily, plus lots of salads (which i never get tired of eating) and more eggs. so the 2 big questions are: (1) are there lots of chemicals in the medifast soups, bars, and shakes that help stave off cravings? (2) which plan worked for you, 4 week, enhanced 4-week, or momentum weight loss?

  3. mcarrato says:

    I’ve been losing the battle for many years now on strict low carb, but lately I’ve been limiting glycemic load and finding some success. 18 lbs in 4 weeks so far with no hunger.

    What I always liked about low carb was, if I stuck to it, I’d reduce my cravings. But it’s so hard to stick to it when you can only eat meats and broccoli. This is where glycemic load comes in – limiting the glycemic load gains much of the benefit of low carb without the super-restricted diet. Basically, glycemic load is a direct measure of how much blood-sugar-increasing effect a food has, so limiting glycemic load means limiting your blood sugar fluctuations, thereby limiting the blood-sugar crash which causes cravings.

    So low glycemic load preserves most of the benefit of low carb/low sugar while expanding your food choices. Example: apples are low GL – anything under 10 GL is low and apples are 6, and I find there is almost no snack food as satisfying as an apple, especially to satisfy that occasional sweet craving.

    The reason why something sugary like an apple is OK is this: the GL measures the real effect of a food on blood sugar, which takes into account our digestive processes. In essence, a low-GL food digests more slowly than a high GL food, so even though an apple has more sugar than other snacks, it absorbs more slowly. The fiber content also helps fill you up. And it’s about as healthy a food as you can eat.

    So here’s what I’ve been doing to stick to it:

    – low GL foods – all low-carb foods plus legumes, most vegetables, some fruits. Nuts are really good (though my son is allergic so I can’t have them..)
    – smaller portions, lots of water – I’ve really been focusing on eating slowly and enjoying my meals, and drinking lots of water. It’s a cliche in weight loss, but it really does allow you to fill up on less.
    – eat regular meals, don’t wait until you’re really hungry – we fall back into bad habits when we’re very hungry, so don’t skip meals and keep them regular. An apple in the middle of the day is a great way to avoid coming home from work ravenous.
    – no diet pop – I cut all diet pops; I’ve heard they cause cravings, and I never believed it until I quit cold turkey and found my cravings much less compelling. Now it’s all water for me (though I do still drink a lot of coffee)
    – Dreamfields pasta – the taste of pasta with a very low glycemic load. It’s amazing stuff.
    – legumes – lentils, kidney beans, etc. These are “carby” foods which nonetheless have low GL, and have great intestinal benefits in moderate portions.
    – don’t be afraid of some fat – as long as you don’t overdo it, fats help fill you up and curb hunger.

    I’ve been on this diet for nearly a month and I’ve never felt so content on a diet. I don’t get very hungry at all during the day – usually I feel like I’m really suffering on a diet, but not on this one. It does take discipline, yes, but not a lot of sacrifice. If you’re frustrated on your current regimen, maybe give GL-reduction a try.

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