i know this is a blury picture of him, but guess what, he’ll never notice ’cause he never wears his specs!

so anyway, this post is a woot-woot shout out to sunday night’s top goal scorer, specs! he tallied 2 goals in our 4-3 win over the only type of opponent we could ever hope to beat – a team with only 1 sub on the bench. specs usually plays without the glasses on, so is considered to be a better puck boy (some how he got my job) then a hockey player. but i have to say that it was those foggy specs that showed him which direction the net was on sunday when he got them 2 bad angle shots.

So if you see him walking down the street or if he bums a ride off ya, give him a high-five. i’m sure it’ll put a smile on his face.

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  1. wisecake says:

    Hey tom! I like the changes in your blog…it looks cool. Happy December!

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