waaaaaa.. what am i doing up at 1:50 am! recording a podcast of course. yes, this makes 2 in a row for the new year, not exactly a year apart but out none the less!  enjoy!

– topics –
– first podcast successfully recorded and mixed on linux!
– if my christmas presents were not enough, how about my new year’s powie
– the 14 yr old breakthrough
– my lg env2 vs. a crackberry vs. the old wm smartphone, the shakes are coming less often now
– watching some old dead kennedys video, plus a song to close out the podcast

– credits –

the intro, transitions, and outro are taken from the song drop my raga flow, courtesy of the killbotz and ccmixter.org

i also need to credit:
ubuntuforums.org (this thread in particular) for details of getting the logitech headset to work, easy actually, and for installation instructions for libmp3lame, so i could make an mmp3 file outta this yap-yap-yap.
– and forum.conversationsnetwork.org for the information on installing levelator on ubuntu

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