in an effort to attack my 2009 goals earlier rather than later, i have enrolled in a program at work called “maintain your weight”. the way it goes, is that i weigh-in for jan, btw 143.5 lbs (ick and geez, but real), and then in dec weigh-in again. if i am lower or equal i get points towards company swag and my maintain goal for next year becomes my new weight. if higher, then no points and i use the jan weight as my next year maintain goal. i can also get points for checking my weight during the last week of each month. if there is an up swing in the weight, then make adjustments to take it off by the next weigh-in. the point is that it is easy to gain and lose weight, but hard to maintain or lose and maintain.

i am also going to register for entry into the company biggest loser program, 12 weeks of daily exercise (sometimes rigorous) and diet and training managed by the gym’s crack staff. i’ve had a goal to be under 200 lbs before i am 40, and this september marks the day that i will achieve or fail, and i am truly sick of carrying around this flabby gut. the program only accepts 6 people, so i will have to make my registration pretty compelling, so that i can get in. i really wanna do this, i really wanna be under 200 again. i don’t wanna be a friggin’ fat 40 yr old.

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