ouch, so i’m a little late getting all of you my skinny update. well, i have good news and bad news, so i’ll start with the bad.if anyone was following me on twitter, 2 weeks ago i announced that i was going to try the biggest loser program that the office gym offers. this was actually a serious weight loss program, where i had to exercise 30 min every day for 12 weeks, do weight training, work with a trainer on the right program, and also attend some healthy living and diet classes every other week. this program would have been perfect to kick me into high gear and have an outside force help me push myself to attain my goal of 50 lbs before september. well, i didn’t make it. out of the 20 applicants, i was not chosen as one of the 6.but i can deal, somehow…

and that brings me to the good news. although it is getting harder to maintain, i am on a less food-daily exercise health plan, focusing to stay off rice, potato, white bread, and pasta, and stop all junk food during the day and minimize the junk at night and on weekends. daily exercise includes mixing it up at the gym between elliptical, stepper, cycling (maybe), and treader. and it has been working. last week i weighed in at 240.6 lbs and this week 237.2 lbs. not too bad, seeing as how i started at 243.5. i know it’s a long way to go to 200 even, but i am still on the downward and that is the important thing.

i also picked up a gym-gah (aka. partner) in the process. another big loser that wasn’t selected also wants to be down a bunch over the next few months, so we will be pushing each other in the gym to do more as well as keep each other honest in the bad food column at office food functions (of which there are too many)!

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