so i’ve been lax on the skinny updates, sorry, a lot as been happening and stressing me to the point of not really posting anything. that has not stopped me from exercising and trying to eat right.

well, i’ll start off by saying the i have been paying more careful attention to what and how much i am eating, and although i have not stopped eating ice cream and m&ms, i have really held back and controlled myself. i have also cut back to one soda per day, hard but pretty good. and i have also managed 4 liters of water per day, that’s 4 33.8 oz bottles. lastly i have almost stopped having seconds at all meals.

on the gym front, my partner bailed because hes manager left the company and he has been picking up the pieces and has had no time for any sort of life. sad but reality. i guess i’m glad my boss is not showing signs of bailing on us. in the workout dept, i know that i had to change up the routine, so i now do 20 min on the elliptical and i do 20 min on either the stair or the bike on alternating days. i actually do a little more than 40 minutes in total so that i register 400 cals on the eliptical and 300 on the other machines, for a 700 cal/day burn rate. it seems to be working well.

in light of all this change, wk 5 say me down to 238.0, wk 6 saw me up to 238.6, and this week i was down to 236.2 lbs.

so, sorry for the delay, but i am still working at the fat-drop, and it’s actually going mildly well. 6 1/2 months till make or break day! I may have to pick up the pace, if it is going to take 3 months to lose 10 lbs… eeek!

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