i have made it to a milestone, wow, that was hard. week 8 showed no progress but this past week i focused on lowering calorie intake and increasing the intensity of the exersize plan and it paid off. i am now down 10 lbs to 233.2. my next goal is to crack the 230 mark. for some reason, this has been a hard milestone to achieve. last night i relazed a little bit and ate a little bit of cake, and stayed up way too late into the night, and then i missed my exersize window this morning… see what i mean about the 230 barrier? i hope that i get time on the machine tonight and can thwart the temptations, as i have all day so far been able to. what i really need is 1 month of no sugar to drop me down a good 10 lbs quickly. that would put me in a good position for the summer. here goes no sugar, er, near no-sugar.

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