in typical fashion, the pylons came out onto the ice in game 1 with all the lackluster possible, yet again, we astonished even ourselves as we crushed our opponents, bluewall, 14-7. you know what kind of game it is when even i score. i have to thank sean, the winger on my line, for that awesome pass, perfect placement. hopefully we will get to meet other teams like this one, with only 2 guys on the bench. we seem to have the best luck against the short staffed teams.

we do understand that we have to play terrible for the next 3 games so that we don’t get bumped up a bracket in our division. that would be devastating because it felt like the game lasted 2 or 3 hours, yet it was the middle of the second period and only 40 minutes into the game. i don’t think we are ready for an upper division team. we need to stay at the novice (old man’s pace) level. we’re not beginners, we just mostly suck.

next week we face the wild wings from the club division (novice with no advanced players) which is below us. so it may be hard to put on a bad show against these guys, but we’ll see.

forgot the camera, so i will try again next week.

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