ever played rock paper scissors? me too… a lot… a ton… and now the kids play a lot too.

well i was looking for a t-shirt for my wife that says “i see dumb people” on it and came across a variation of rps in a t-shirt version. it is called rpsls (rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock). this is so totally off the wall cool. i can’t wait to teach it to my kids. this game now has new vigor for me!! this link goes to the creator of rpsls, a pictorial and the rules. very cool, as old as it may be.


rules: scissors cuts paper covers rock crushes lizard poisons spock smashes scissors decapitates lizard eats paper disproves spock vaporizes rock crushes scissors.


and then this guy goes and blows the whole game to hell making it incomprehensible and stupid… go figure.

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