all of the techie palm pre hype is in high gear as i enter the last week of waiting for the thing to be launched. i am really,  really hoping that everything goes as planned and i get one. i am in 2 contests at could land me one for free, the sweepstakes at sprint.comis over and i was not notified, so i am down to one chance through the SprintUsers website. if that chance bombs, i got someone on the inside hooking me up, hopefully, assuming there is stock available. i have not been excited about a phone in so long. well that is not true. i was excited by the htc touch pro when it showed up on at&t and sprint, but as a vzw guy, i had to wait for months before it was finaly released, and it sucked for the price i had to pay.

so now the pre will be here in 6 days and i might actually have my hands on one in 8 or 9. that will be pretty cool! let’s hope it doesn’t let me down.

this video is a pretty funny look at the one investor in the palm company that has made this ride so fun and new palm employee (from apple) behind making this device way cooler then ever possible.

here is the link:

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