today the ceo of hewlet-packard made some shocking statements about the web os smartphone operating system and the future of webos-based smartphones. see his statements reported on here along with the hundreds of comments from the community. I found this this link to send a message to mr. hurd and sent him the following message,
“will you please clarify your plans for palm, webos, and smartphones. based on the comments that you made at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Technology conference, you either just destroyed all of our hopes for the future of an awesome os for smartphones, or you sadly forgot to tell us everything and left us more confused about the future of webos based smartphones. please clarify on twitter via @hpnews, @palm, and on facebook, and maybe with an open letter to all of the palm fans and supporters. thanks!”
He needs to quickly clarify and disclose to us webos supporters and developers what direction he is setting for the future of webos on smartphones. 

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