so this is my first post in a long time, as well as my first post on my new hp tablet called the touchpad. i am also using a bluetooth keyboard to type this post. i just have to say, although this device experience is a little bit rough, hp got a lot of features right and if they can come up with quick updates to the operating system, entice developers to develop some key and niche apps for the platform and get into a good device refresh cycle, the webos experience has a chance, not only with tablets, but with smartphones, netbooks, laptops, printers, and toasters!

the features i really like about are:

  • how the webos experience didn’t lose much, while gaining screen real estate. cards, and stacks, and multitasking are all still the same as on the phone
  • simple management of accounts
  • skype integration for video calling was implemented beautifully
  • flash in the browser is great
  • integration is wonderful for file and document management, plus the free 50 GB of space for life is nothing to shake a stick at either.

what needs to be improved to make this device stellar:

  • performance – apps gotta start faster, switch faster, screen rotation has to work faster
  • stability – i have only had my touchpad restart on me once, but other hardcore users
  • more accessories will make the touchpad a more fun and useful tool
  • a couple missing hardware features – a rear auto-focus camera and hdmi out support would have put this device in the high-end device market, even with it’s extra girth compared to the other devices out there

after all has been said, i really do like this device and hope to use it as a replacement for my heavier laptop. this thing has promise!

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