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saw this weird symbol in the parking lot. no idea. the letter ‘h’ but with 2 snakes for the crossbar.

any ideas, anyone?

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it must be spring! cause with spring comes the boating season. and with the season comes the sexy, fancy boats! like this one…

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gotta kick outta these bumper stickers when parking for work.

“dissent –> patriotism for america”
“leadership without accountability ==> corruption”

i do have to say that i am clueless as to how to vote for the next 2 term pres. look at the choices! war-monger vs. liberal chick in it for the fame vs. first term lame ducker. what kind of choice is that? 2 outta the 3 i guarantee are not trustworthy and that leaves obama. his platform is nothing new and innovative. maybe that is a good thing. do nothing new, but fix the education system that has been falling apart for years, address the employment market and economic issues that are plaguing us, and do something (please, something!) about health care. my biggest problem with obama is his pro-choice stance. pro-choice is just wrong.

but if i based my decision on this one topic, then we would be stuck the pro-war fanatic!!

aarrgghh! how do i vote?? can’t there be a third party that is everything i am looking for in a pres??

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was at the sabres game last night for that miserable final 8 minutes to a strong showing for the first 52. the only good thing about the game, as a whole, was my ticket was free and the seat was in the company’s box…

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i know that i have not been posting much to the site, but i am meeting my old coworkers for lunch this friday, so i better get some “quality” content posted. so i will start with this great pic taken by a friend of mine just after the thing whipped through the tim horton’s drive thru.

boat anchor on rv

he said that everyone was looking at it as it passed. it is definitely hard to tell what that thing was hanging off the back, but it sure was worth being captured for this site. so, thank you jason for this awesome content submission. are you sure it’s not someone’s grandma wrapped up in an old tarp??

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hopefully this pic helps some (any) of my friends to dust off their exercise machine and get on the darn thing and make some heat. i just finished 2.1 miles with (2) 1/4 mi run intervals. i know that i have the “thing next to my bed” advantage, but all you need to do is walk downstairs and take the laundry off your exercise bike or mill, and plug it in. good luck!

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my son #2 created this guy from paper machè. pretty cool. I love the facial expression.

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we had a crazy thunderstorm during the night that brought heavy rain and high winds to our area. it was some sight. well, the rain stopped but the winds are still gusting up to 40 mph! so that is what brought down this mamouth tree. the interesting part is that if this tree were to have fallen in the direction of the camera angle, it would have taken out the corner of out building as well as the corner office occupant! ouch!

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this is just a shout out to my sis-in-laws (both in red) who were a bunch of fun over the holidays!! i miss you gals!

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banking through the car window

banking has never been so easy, it just gets complicated by that car hanging around your neck…

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