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i l o v e m y w i f e ! !

if you have a wife or husband, got tell them now. you probably don’t do it enough.

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my 7 yr old asks grandma… how does she keep such a straight face, when the rest of us bubbling over with laughter? but he quickly realizes what he has said and rephrases his question, “no, ha ha ha, i mean the ones you can eat from a bag.”

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i am so excited! just got the annual tax return back. i would love nothing more than to pack it away in a bank account to collect some interest for a year or 5. Yet my wife and i have been getting real bad sleep for weeks and weeks. we both have been having trouble getting to sleep as well as waking up totally sore around the neck and shoulders and straight down the center of our backs. it’s crazy. and we can not flip the mattress because it is only one-sided. the crazy part is that the bed is only 6 years old. so, can the mattress be shot already?? i only weigh 238. how could i have ruined the thing in 6 years… maybe it’s the box spring? how can i tell which is it? or maybe i will just spend that tax return on a new bed. i think that is the direction i am headed, cause i can’t get a good night of sleep to save my life. or just pass out on the couch.

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this is my first post in which i embed a youtube video. it is my son doing some drumming. pretty cool for an 11 year old!

let me know what you think.

and for those that can not see the vid, the link:

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now that’s some snow… and some workers to clear off the driveway. and thanks to my neighbor for helping the boys out. they got off easy…

update: after day 2 of the storm, and a total snowfall of around 20 inches, this is how the back yard furniture fared

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here i am again. cub scouts on a saturday. oh fun. the boys are learning first aid and safety for their ready man badge. good news is that no one else is staying for the afternoon rally competition (waste of time). yeah! we just got 4 hours of our day back. wahoo!!

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merry christmas season to you all. this tree looked a lot better in the lot when we picked it up as opposed to now that it is in the stand. i spent 20 min trying to get the thing to stand up straight-ish and not look like it was a slight breeze away from falling over. turns out there is a scoliosis curve in the trunk so i got it to appear to stand straight, from a few angles, but not all, as these pictures show. you can also see the other trunk (aka, junk in the trunk variety) that i tried to hide in the corner. ah, well… no tree was made perfectly, right?

Here is the good angle. see! it looks like a very nice tree from this angle…

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i know that i have not done a podcast since the first one, months ago. but i have since figured out how to pump audio from a mic, through a pre-amp, down a usb wire, into the puter for a good quality podcast. er, well, good quality audio, dunno ’bout the content…

i hit earlier to think of a topic for the podcast and the first word i see is mayonaise and the second result in the list is this little gem. it is a great life lesson story. i’ve heard it and forgotten many times before. so, maybe if i blog about it, i’ll actually remember it a for a bit longer. and it definitely has an impact on my life as i do get caught up in the stupid little things, quite often.  gee, and it revolves around my kids most of the time. it’s mostly about respecting each other. anyway, i get caught in the little things and skip out on the big important aspects of their lives.

and i just wish i could handle the taste of beer enough to get more than one slug of it down before spewing it all over… ah well.

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my 10 yr old scout and i went cabin camping this past weekend. the memorable events consisted of waking up to frost and a temp of 31 F, cooking peach and apple cobbler in a dutch oven, and this gorgeous camp fire (until it toppled over and nearly took out 2 boys and a dad)

…and this wonderful camp fire song that i never heard before…

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yes, i have just entered into early retirement. here is the proof!!

yup, i am officially retired from mowing the lawn. the 12 year old is doing just fine although he is not liking it much! and with 3 boys in the wing, there are plenty of years before i even have to think about mowing again.  i guess this is the flip-side to buying diapers for 11 1/2 years.  i am liking it.

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