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catch the webcast of the ceremony at this link! of course, i can’t make it because hockey kinda trumps any awards show… but this one should be nerdy and fun!!

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literally, hot off the treasury money printing presses, president bush has approved the latest iteration of the dollar bill…

new dollar bill format

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are you at the point in the election season where you’re starting to think, “oh crap! here we go! here comes 4 more years of utter craptasticness with this guy?”, or “what sort of uber-crap are we going to get into for the next 4 years with this other guy?”  yeah, me too.

just in time to rescue us all for the impending doom of either one of these “presidential candidates”, you can now start campaigning for the right person… plant… or inatimate object that is bound to do a better job. click this link to start your video marketing campaign.

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i twittered this yesterday when it happened, but it is still on my mind and it is just so funny that i must make mention of it here. the story evolves into something a bit more tragic. so it sobered me up in the afternoon, but did put a smile on the family’s faces when i relayed it back to them, which is a good thing.

anyway, yesterday morning i walked my kids to the bus stop and along the way my neighbor’s son comes tearing down his driveway to catch up with everyone. as he passes me he says that his sister is running late and proceeds to give me this gem of a direct quote, “my mom told me she has the flu. i think she got it from drinking too much wine last night.”

boy, that is so funny. some things, you just can’t get past the kids. i was rofl’in in my mind after that one!!

the tragic part of the story is that his dad was hearing rumors of a layoff coming and that he might be in the sights as an overlapping job function. well, sure enough, he came home around noonish yesterday, after 19 or so years with the company. on a positive (??) note, he joked about improving his golf game over the summer, so i can only hope that means he got a decent severance. one can only hope. best of luck to you neighbor! catch a new job that sends the world spinning!

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a couple weekends ago, i got to talk with a good friend, j, that i rarely get to talk with. she has more kids than me and volunteers a ton at school and lives in utah, so that makes her hard to get a hold of.

j totally interrupted my exercise plans on that sat morning but i didn’t mind too much. we got to catch up on all that is going on in our lives.

the one thing we got talking about was schooling. i grew up in private schools, but have my kids in the public schools. the suburban school system they are in is well respected and actually one of the reasons we moved to this town. j has her kids in private school, but can only afford to keep them in through the end of middle school. so we were comparing notes.

i feel some concern that my kids are not being prepared for future schooling and that the fed govt is really only focusing on good grades in math and english and the pressure is causing the schools to design their programs around test-taking, not well rounded education. my kids come home with very few long term papers, book report assignments, essays, etc. are they gonna be ready for and be able to succeed at college with this foundation? now that my oldest is getting closer to high school, i am starting to get concerned. i know this is a bit late to the game, but at least i am noticing and trying to figure out what to do about it.

j, on the other hand, thinks her kids are learning a lot and getting a well rounded education, since private schools don’t need to adhere to the “one child left behind” program. I nearly fell off the treadder when she made that faux-paux. she went on to voice her concern that as her kids move into public high school, they would be singled out as the “one child” and drop out before graduating.

i hope none of either family’s kids drop outta high school. now more than ever, education is key to making a decent living in the world… that and good computer skills!!

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i found this on digg… i know, sad. but it is a pretty funny to the video taker. plus they added the benny hill music to make it even funnier.

and for those that can not see the vid, the link:

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the serve (setup)

the volley

the spike!

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so, i’ve played warcraft, but not world of warcraft (mom, wow is the abbreviation…), so i can’t be considered totally gamer geek, but this video is a funny take that mashes wow and monty python quite nicely.

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this has got to be the funniest string of photoshop tutorials i have ever seen. totally tic-tac!

you have to start with #1 and then go through the rest.

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ok, this is gonna seem strange, but i was catching up on my buddy devin’s blog and read his latest post about stupid drivers in upstate ny. funny as poo!! the best part is that yesterday i caught one of these idiots on the highway on my ride to work. now i am an idiot driver from the standpoint that i text and talk on my phone while driving (even after the incident) but at least i can see out all my windows!

oh yeah, i take pictures while driving too… stupid!

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