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yes, another day goes by where my thoughts are filled with all sorts of not photo365 related images. so, all i have to offer today (tonight) is a nice shadow pic.


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this is the christmas story that my father used to read to my brothers, sisters, and i, when we were kids, so that we would remember our polish heritage (well, not really, mostly because it was funny). i found it in a folder that i kept of childhood memories and stuff and i clearly remember this being printed out on a dot-matrix printer from the family's ibm pc junior… i was gonna retype it in this post, but thought the internet would have a copy of it and found what looks to be the original rendition of the polish spoof by Raymond Odrowaz-Sypniewski.

so, i had to do a bunch of typing and here is what i grew up with:

'Twas the night before Christmas in my Polish house
I creep down the stairs, quick like a mouse.
The rest of my family were asleep in their beds,
While visions of duck soup ran thru their heads.

The work shoes were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Stasiu would not steal a pair.
While over in the corner is so nice to see,
Kielbasa and cabbages hung from the tree.

Then there's this big bang, the house starts to shudder,
Some nut lands on the roof and breaks the rain gutter.
He comes down the chimney, swears cause it's tight,
I hide behind beer cases, way out of sight.

He lands in the fireplace, scorching his hair,
On the busted up orange crate still burning there.
He climbs out, and I get a good look,
He's just like the picture in my Polish book.

He's got vodka glazed eyes and gut like a bubble,
A five day old beard, and there's soot in the stubble.
His clothing is odd and all covered with dirt,
But finally I see, it's an old bowling shirt.

But he won't catch cold, Polish Stanly Clause,
Cause he's wearing hiss rubbers on feet wrapped in gauze.
From sparks in his drawers, he goes into a dance,
And burns a big hole in the seat of his pants.

I know this is santa, I'll bet without fear,
'Cause he heads for the kitchen and opens a beer.
He whips thru a six pack, then turns to his work.
With that old sattler's bag, he's a funny old jerk.

Now under the Christmas tree he starts to set,
The most beautiful presents a Pollack can get.
There's a new mushroom basket and a shovel for brother,
A bright red bubushka and a pick axe for mother.

Six quarts of whisky to make papa gay,
There's gonna be trouble in our house today.
For the littlest one, I know he ain't missed her,
Cause I see pretty things he's left for my sister.

And now she'll be happy through winter and summer,
With these little wrenches, she can play plumber.
Then my eye brighten up and my heart fills with glee,
When I see what Saint Stasiu is leaving for me.

There's a sixteen pound sledge, that's my favorite tool,
So I can work hard when I flunk out of school.
Then he drinks a few more beers and gives a big grin,
As he pulls out his shirt tail and whps off his chin.

There's beer suds all over his his beard and his nose,
and giving one belch, up the chimney he rose.
I must see him leave, so I rush on outside,
And I look toward the roof while a bush helps me hide.

And what do I see as I peer thru the twigs,
But an old wooden garbage cart pulled by eight pigs.
"On Stella, on Stanley, on Wally and Joe,
And all of youse pigs whose names I don't know."

Fly over the junk yard and turn to the right,
Let's visit the people before I get tight.
Then I heard him say as he flew over me,
"I'm the world's only Pollock that gives things for free."

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so this is my first post in a long time, as well as my first post on my new hp tablet called the touchpad. i am also using a bluetooth keyboard to type this post. i just have to say, although this device experience is a little bit rough, hp got a lot of features right and if they can come up with quick updates to the operating system, entice developers to develop some key and niche apps for the platform and get into a good device refresh cycle, the webos experience has a chance, not only with tablets, but with smartphones, netbooks, laptops, printers, and toasters!

the features i really like about are:

  • how the webos experience didn’t lose much, while gaining screen real estate. cards, and stacks, and multitasking are all still the same as on the phone
  • simple management of accounts
  • skype integration for video calling was implemented beautifully
  • flash in the browser is great
  • integration is wonderful for file and document management, plus the free 50 GB of space for life is nothing to shake a stick at either.

what needs to be improved to make this device stellar:

  • performance – apps gotta start faster, switch faster, screen rotation has to work faster
  • stability – i have only had my touchpad restart on me once, but other hardcore users
  • more accessories will make the touchpad a more fun and useful tool
  • a couple missing hardware features – a rear auto-focus camera and hdmi out support would have put this device in the high-end device market, even with it’s extra girth compared to the other devices out there

after all has been said, i really do like this device and hope to use it as a replacement for my heavier laptop. this thing has promise!

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tonight i was consolidating totes of computer junk and 5+ year old paperwork that i have no idea why i even keep it and i came across my collection of mix tapes from the 80's. oh baby! along with tapes, i had 2 little notebooks that tracked the songs on each tape. i started thumbing through the lists and found the song that has been running through my mind on and off over the years. it's not on youtube or some obscure website anywhere that i know of. it is by a band called mudhead and they were recorded in the whrw suny binghamton (ny) college radio station.

it is called chicken rondelet and goes to the tune of the dream academy's life in a northern town.


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today the ceo of hewlet-packard made some shocking statements about the web os smartphone operating system and the future of webos-based smartphones. see his statements reported on here along with the hundreds of comments from the community. I found this this link to send a message to mr. hurd and sent him the following message,
“will you please clarify your plans for palm, webos, and smartphones. based on the comments that you made at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Technology conference, you either just destroyed all of our hopes for the future of an awesome os for smartphones, or you sadly forgot to tell us everything and left us more confused about the future of webos based smartphones. please clarify on twitter via @hpnews, @palm, and on facebook, and maybe with an open letter to all of the palm fans and supporters. thanks!”
He needs to quickly clarify and disclose to us webos supporters and developers what direction he is setting for the future of webos on smartphones. 

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all of the techie palm pre hype is in high gear as i enter the last week of waiting for the thing to be launched. i am really,  really hoping that everything goes as planned and i get one. i am in 2 contests at could land me one for free, the sweepstakes at sprint.comis over and i was not notified, so i am down to one chance through the SprintUsers website. if that chance bombs, i got someone on the inside hooking me up, hopefully, assuming there is stock available. i have not been excited about a phone in so long. well that is not true. i was excited by the htc touch pro when it showed up on at&t and sprint, but as a vzw guy, i had to wait for months before it was finaly released, and it sucked for the price i had to pay.

so now the pre will be here in 6 days and i might actually have my hands on one in 8 or 9. that will be pretty cool! let’s hope it doesn’t let me down.

this video is a pretty funny look at the one investor in the palm company that has made this ride so fun and new palm employee (from apple) behind making this device way cooler then ever possible.

here is the link:

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i have been procrastinating getting a toilet tank lid for my upstairs bathroom for 5 months now. this morning seems like the most appropriate time to do it. i was dreading the search, the price, the shipping and i am still kinda mad at myself for dropping the old one in anger and shattering it into pieces.

so how do you find a freekin toilet tank lid? ya google “universal rundle toilet tank lid”, of course! and what is the first link in the results, can you believe it, crazy. looks like the guy is selling them outta the back of his station wagon, but the price is $50 vs. most new ones that are $150! i think i’ll try this guy first, heck he takes paypal!

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this site is great. i spent the better part of an hour perusing the pages instead of being productive and working on work (at home) or working on upgrading the multiple blogs and websites that i manage/ it was a breath of fresh air. now, unfortunately, i am getting sleepy and must go to bed without having gotten much accomplished. oh well, at least my feet were up and i was single-tasking!!

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just a quick shout out to all my x-co-workers from the old place, that still curse my name whenever something goes wrong. of all days, today is the one that you can’t blame me for anything. most likely, it’s the fault of the larget hadron collider. i never factored the lhc into any of my scripts or manual processes that i entrusted to this brilliant bunch. good luck my friends!!

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getting icecream

wahoo! lookie here! i got lighbox to work with this site. i guess it makes sense to have the most up-to-date version of the theme in order to get the newer cuilerstuff working. wonder what it looks like on my pocket pc’s browser or in the news reader? better go check that all out soon. hmmm, 2:50am, prolly should go get some sleep now… yikes, tomorrow is going to hurt!

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