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aaaggghhh! my mobile is starting to die, after 2.5 yrs of love and happiness and iphoneless joy. just yesterday, while exercising, the bluetooth suddenly stopped working. ever since, i have not been able to get the mic and receiver to work. I figured it was the cuil new throttle launcher software that I was trying out. nope. uninstalled it and still no talking. maybe I just needed a soft reset (this thing is windows, you know). nope. still no talking. ok. let’s get crazy. backup everything and hard reset. waaaa! still no luck. although the phone rings, no other sound works and the thing won’t even go into speakerphone mode.

crap! i’m not ready for a new phone!

i am holding out for the touch pro. look at these reviews:

htc touch pro hardware hands-on
htc touch pro software and gui hands-on

now that is something to look forward to. look at the speed, the memory, the size, the keyboard, the flush screen, oh man!

let me know if you think there is something better and it doesn’t begin with the letter ” i “.

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i am now halfway through my 4 hr driving class. i have the same teacher as the last 3 times, tommy-o! he is getting old. his voice is really starting to fail him. poor guy. looks like this is all he’s got left…

2 funny stories so far. first, tommy-o got a ticket on father’s day for going through a yellow in canada. yup, that’s against the law, and he knew it, too. tough break. second , this other dude’s story is that he doesn’t know what he got ticketed for. he blacked out after causing some sort of accident where 2 other cars crashed into him. good thing for him, he was the only one that got hurt, blacked out and spent a day or 2 in the hospital, his car was totaled, so he got cash to put towards a down payment! win-win! just had to take the class. crazy!

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i am in the early stages of switching to a new look and feel. i hope at least one of you like it. i have only done basic customizations for now, but will be making more changes over the next week, while i am in toronto at training for work.

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wanna waste time? a bunch of time? tons of time? like an hour gone, poof, at 3am?

no? then don’t click on this link to play the helicopter game!

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got my blood taken today as part of company health day. the prick was nothing, seeing the blood go up the little tube didn’t even make me spew. maybe i am over the fear of blood and needles… naw, i’m sure a nice sized needle would send me over the edge, turn pale white, and drop in a second. such a baby.

results: blood pressure is a little high 140/82,
but everything else is in great shape! wahoo! junk food binge! naw… just kidding.

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my wife calls me and say that she heard on the news of a new gang initiation ritual here in western new york. the idea is to rear-end someone and when they stop and get out of their car, beat ’em up or shoot ’em. talk about insane initiation practices! mind blowing for sure! so, if you live in western new york, and you’re hit from behind, just keep going and call 911.

— update —
here are links to the 2 stories in the news today:

Warning issued on street gang -

Buffalo police stand by warning to motorists about violent gang -

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i don’t remember if i have posted about this place before, but yesterday i was hit with that “world goes on and changes” thing that hits me every time i go back to the town that i grew up in. anyway, my bro and i drove past the scifi/fantasy/comic book store, that i frequented as a kid, to see it empty and closed. what a shock. shock and awe sorta shock. i always thought it would be open forever. wow.
now i needed to snap a pic for the blog so my brother had to find a street to turn around, so he picked the left 2 or 3 streets down, and woah, we found the new fat cat book store!! as the relief swept over me, I got a snap of the new store as well. what a strange feeling it was for that minute when I thought the world had changed in an irreversible way. here are the pix…

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that was

well, i mean the initial conversion to wp2.3 was. now i have a bland looking default site again. time to see if the old theme works and add the plugins. wahoo! practically there!

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i’ve been home sick with the flu and/or strep throat since wed. i am sick of being sick. but i am going to make the best of it, especially with the boatloads of snow that are forecasted to be dumped on us over the next 2 days. the site will be up and down for hopefully only a tiny bit of time as i migrate to the latest version of wordpress. it is about time i got off 2.0 and onto a version from this year!! 2.3 here we come!

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made it to week 5 without to many issues. i am half way through my business trip and only fouled up yesterday (2 cookies in the afternoon and tortilla chips at this great mexican restaurant last night. the fitness room has a scale, so i ventured to step on it, after shedding as much clothing as i could. it was not digital (or properly calibrated) but it read 228 lbs. i think it was a little high because when off the scale, it was pointing somewhere between 0 and 1. so, i probably could take another 1/2 lb off, but i am happy with 228. now back to salad.

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