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do it! go vote. you’ll feel like a million bucks, even if you think your vote doesn’t count much.

let's see, vote for higher debt an bigger corps or higher tax... on TwitPic

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are you at the point in the election season where you’re starting to think, “oh crap! here we go! here comes 4 more years of utter craptasticness with this guy?”, or “what sort of uber-crap are we going to get into for the next 4 years with this other guy?”  yeah, me too.

just in time to rescue us all for the impending doom of either one of these “presidential candidates”, you can now start campaigning for the right person… plant… or inatimate object that is bound to do a better job. click this link to start your video marketing campaign.

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came across this youtube video through cyber punk radio on mental-escher. weird stuff. and somehow, i don’t think obama endorses this one. although it would be crazy to see this on mainstream tv…

and for those that can not see the vid, the link:

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this frivolous lawsuit is just an awesome example of of a fundamental problem we have in this country. what a waste of time and money and attention to deal with people like this when all of us could be doing something better with our lives.

i did think it was funny that the guy had hand-written the claim!! stellar!

and it has already been dismissed on sept 27. that didn’t take too long.

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internet radio is under attack!  the riaa has successfully pushed the copyright royalty board (crb) to triples the rates for internet radio broadcasters only, without affecting any other radio broadcasters. this is unfair!!

go to and get the number of your congress(man/woman) and call them up today to log your protest and to ask them to support HR 2060, the internet radio equality act.  this is very important for the livelihoods of many internet radio broadcasters.  it is also very import for the artists.  they are being lied to by the record labels and lousy riaa.

keep up with the news and shats going on at their blog.

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just when you thought it was illegal to cross the street with a pair of earbuds plugged into you’re head, you now could be facing a life sentence (or worse, the death penalty!!) for looking at a text message while driving 65 mph down the open road.  catch the next biggest traffic crackdown on your horizon.

i get my panties in a bunch over these types of laws only because it would never happen to me…

School Bus Ouch 1  School Bus Ouch 2

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