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welcome to the new year and, as i twittered, i have been up since 2:30 am. my mind is buzzing with crap to accomplish. first thing on the list? bloody podcasting. let’s see how it goes. without further procrastination, here is the first episode of the new year.

– topics –
2008 goals winners and losers
– winners – still employed, exercise plan, move to linux,
– busted – windows, fireplace, family budget, c# app for the pocketpc, lose 50 lbs, podcast2009 podcast adventures

christmas presents

– credits –

the intro, transitions, and outro are taken from the song drop my raga flow, courtesy of the killbotz and

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episode #4 is finally out! and there was much rejoicing… (cricket, cricket) … well, i am happy about it.

this is a great change from the first 3+ episodes that just were not going anywhere. my sis is in town for a few days and one night after most all of the kids are in bed, she and my wife and i all go down into the basement and start spinning the old vinyl and sharing the memories that the songs trigger and chatting about the old days, and the recent days, and all the muck in between. and we went on for nearly 2 hours, so in the vein of all cheap content creators, i have split this one up into 3 pieces that will come out over the course of the next week.

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in this episode i welcome myself back to podcasting, i improve the process of recording a bit, and i feel like i am getting into the grove, even though it is only my 3rd one…

the topic of this show was a hard one to decide, because i had several ideas that were all sensitive to the time of year, but i settled on “speeding ticket” for reasons that are discussed in the show. feel free to go to and type in speeding ticket and follow along with the links.
here are the show links:

10. link is a bust
… so let’s go up in the list to find something interesting to take it’s place…
18. phantomplate: license plate spray and covers to defeat red light and speed cameras
16. how to get out of a speeding ticket | slackermoney
12. fyst – fight your speeding tickets page
9. duplicate of #1
8. link is a bust
7. link is a bust
6. speeding tickets, beat your traffic ticket
5. link is a bust, so a new link is inserted in it’s place as a warning – beat speeding ticket defense
4. bear trap guide for all interstate highways in the united states–avoid speeding tickets
3. beating a speeding ticket
2. duplicate of #1
1. cars: how to beat a speeding ticket (or at least better your chances)

i also talked about a couple interesting sites at the beginning of the podcast that you should visit.

1. hype machine – an intersting way to discover new music and get other people’s thoughts and comments about it.
2. dr horrible’s sing-along blog – a josh whedon writers strike 3 episode project for the internet. In his words, “it’s the story of a low-rent super-villain, the hero who keeps beating him up, and the cute girl from the laundromat he’s too shy to talk to.” the episodes go up july 15, 17, and 19, and stay up only until the 20th.

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this weekend i will be putting together rawdeadcast #3. i have several topics that i could cover, but i’m not sure which one to hit first: commemorate my first speeding ticket since i start the new job, the kids are outta school, and interns.  anyone have an opinion before i begin this thing?

update, 4:25pm est: never mind. I have chosen to use speeding ticket as my theme because my wife just got one, on her way out of town. this was her first ticket ever for anything. it was bound to happen sometime.

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ok wow. after pushing podcast #2 out, i was really proud of myself for the accomplishment, and it sounded good… of course, i only listened to the beginning to make sure the sound level was decent. once i got into the car the following morning to test the sound levels did i list a bit further into the show and notice that my cut/paste went haywire and overlaid a bunch of the talk i had with my daughter! and i didn’t have an original to go back to. so, i painstakingly went through all of the audio and cleaned it up as best i could. instead of just canning the whole thing, i cut out the bad sections. so, you may notice a couple discontinuities. oh well, that’s beginner podcasting for ya.

and thank you all for the encouraging comments (aka. getting laughed at on friday during thai lunch by my friends, you’re the best). i will keep this going just for you, danni!

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well, i did it. i put together a second podcast. this one differs in format and content from the first (from well over a year ago). my goal is start putting out a podcast every other week and hope to gradually tighten it up into a weekly podcast. but, first things first! this show is just my 4 yr old daughter and i talking about the day we had back in feb of 2008. it is raw, but i learned a lot about the equipment that i have and how to make is sound pretty good. i still need to get mic filters, but i’m not spending another dime on this thing hobby until i get some regularity. so, i hope at least one person enjoys it, but more importantly, i hope a bunch of you comment.

update (6/22): after all of those complaints from my faithful listeners, a new audio file has been pushed upto correct a few of the problems that people found in the original. enjoy the new version.

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raw dead podcast episode #001 – search for “wife”

welcome to raw dead podcast episode 1

for this episode, my wife is out of town, vacationing with her girlfriends, before school lets out in june, so i chose the word “wife” to search with on

you may either try to follow along from the show (but i forget to spell out some of the site addresses) or just use the list of links here in the show notes…

1. How I Explained REST to My Wife

1 1/2. How to make a Ninja Mask with a shirt

2. Girlfriend 6.0 vs. Wife 1.0

3. Telegraph newspaper online | From trophy wife to toxic wife

4. How I Explained REST to My Wife

5. good_housekeeping1955.jpg (JPEG Image, 900×583 pixels)

6. AskUgg! – I Think My Wife Is Cheating On Me: Why Men Are Never Published In Dear Abby

7. True Wife Confessions

8. Rent a wife | Femme en location, bonheur à la maison

i hope you enjoy my first episode, and please leave some feedback (except for comments on how bad the audio sounds, ’cause i know!! well, ok, go ahead…) or topics you would like me to search for in later episodes.


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this is the first episode of the raw dead podcast.  the point of this show is to go for a ride on delicious. i don’t know how many of you really surf the net.  with so little time left for ourselves, we (or i) tend to make the most of every minute or try to accomplish something during every moment. so i think it is time to just sit back and surf, and look for some new websites out in that vast connected pile of tubes called the internet.

so my objective is to hit delicious, type in a word or phrase, and review the top 10 results.  let’s see how it goes… as well as how interesting it may be…  wish me luck!

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