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wowza! i have not told the world my skinny status in 5 weeks (except on twitter) but now i am making sure that i cover what has been happening over those past 5 weeks and make sure that i stay up to date because the program is going strong.

so 6 weeks ago was a really bad week, mentally and physically for my wife and the family, as her dad passed away. i really thought that there was going to be no way to mentally handle anything like staying on a consistent diet and exercise plan after that, but minus one bump, i had been able to manage the stress marginally well. the exercise plan stayed on course but the diet plan was gone out the window. on apr 29 i weighed in at 237.6. just a ton of added carbs on a daily basis. see, this is proof that the weight can fluctuate a “significant” amount from week to week.

The following week i bought a few cans of self-control and put myself back on the path and on may 6 saw the gorgeous digits 229.6  on the ‘ol scale. at this point i really made the resolution to not waver again, no matter what happened. i can only be on a downward trend. no freak loss of control or stupidness could come over me. i was really glad to finally break the 230 lb barrier and wanted to stay below it.

the second week of may saw a lot of control but not quite enough and on may 13, the scale tilted back over 230 to settle at 230.4. boy did that make me frustrated, but it drove me to take a brave step towards controlling the diet. my wife found this crazy fruit drink by bolthouse farms (this is not an ad)that i fell in love with, contained no fat, 700 calories per liter, but it had a crazy high level of sugar (natural fruit sugars though). i resolved myself to a strict diet of oatmeal in the morning and then only this drink + 4 or more liters of water through the rest of the day, and then salad and meat for dinner (with no seconds) and beyond that i was allowing myself a little chocolate or a couple cookies. it was a nice balanced diet with less than 1600 calories (something my doctor said i should look at when dieting).

after a week of trying this diet method, i noticed that did not have cravings, so it worked well from that standpoint, but i did not loose much weight, less than a pound. i tipped the fat-watcher at 229.8 lbs. back below 230, but at a demoralizing rate. i must forge on in any case. i also decided to try jogging again. the great news was that the stepper strengthened my calf and thigh muscles enough to support so jogging. it felt good and stayed good. no calf pain! yippie!

that brings me up to last week. a second week of bolthouse diet (not an add or endorsement) and i was down another lb. i’m sure the jogging played a roll. down to 228.6 lbs. last week was the end of may and i gave myself a 4 month assessment: jan 23 i was 244.5 and i needed to be half way to my goal of 200 lbs by the end of may. i was not there and if i kept the bolthouse pace, i would never hit the goal. so i made a drastic decision to go no sugar for a month or 2. i’ve got to catch up to my half-way point and actually exceed it in order get back on track with the goal of being under 200 pbs by the end of september. how long do you think i can sustain this?

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yikes! getting lax about the skinny updates on the blog, among other things, say, quality content, maybe…

so, short and sweet. barely any progress after a horrendus holiday break and a strong coomeback week after the holiday. a week ago wednesday, i was barely able to see the scale display hiding under the gut, but it did read 233.4, up way too much for my liking. boy did it stress me, but i recovered in the week since and yesterday i was a stupendous 230.8! yes! below 231! i think this week i might actually be able to make it beloww 230. just you wait and see next week just before the ironman triathalon!

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good news – bad news, week 10 saw me down 2 lbs to 231.6, but this past week there was no change. bloody snickers ice cream bars!! after all of that hard work every morning, getting up early, going to the gym, working out for 45 min or more. nothing to show for it. this week will be different, ’cause there is no way that i am going to make it if i keep screwing around like this. i need to lose 10 lbs in a big way over the course of the month of april, and i am not getting anywhere as of today, i can’t even get below that evil number 230!

so good-bye snickers, good-bye ice cream, good-bye m&m’s, good-bye any other evil lurking…

on an interesting note, i think i am being gently pushed at the gym into competing in a indoor triathalon. it is a simple(ish) one: 2,000 meter row, 2 mile run/walk, 7 mile bike. i can go it alone (ironman) or find 2 people better than me and go in as a team. either way, apr 29 is the date of the event. sound like something i can accomplish, so i am thinking that i will enter. maybe that will help me get skinny, or maybe it will be these chocolate double stuff oreos that i am stuffing into my face…

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i have made it to a milestone, wow, that was hard. week 8 showed no progress but this past week i focused on lowering calorie intake and increasing the intensity of the exersize plan and it paid off. i am now down 10 lbs to 233.2. my next goal is to crack the 230 mark. for some reason, this has been a hard milestone to achieve. last night i relazed a little bit and ate a little bit of cake, and stayed up way too late into the night, and then i missed my exersize window this morning… see what i mean about the 230 barrier? i hope that i get time on the machine tonight and can thwart the temptations, as i have all day so far been able to. what i really need is 1 month of no sugar to drop me down a good 10 lbs quickly. that would put me in a good position for the summer. here goes no sugar, er, near no-sugar.

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so i’ve been lax on the skinny updates, sorry, a lot as been happening and stressing me to the point of not really posting anything. that has not stopped me from exercising and trying to eat right.

well, i’ll start off by saying the i have been paying more careful attention to what and how much i am eating, and although i have not stopped eating ice cream and m&ms, i have really held back and controlled myself. i have also cut back to one soda per day, hard but pretty good. and i have also managed 4 liters of water per day, that’s 4 33.8 oz bottles. lastly i have almost stopped having seconds at all meals.

on the gym front, my partner bailed because hes manager left the company and he has been picking up the pieces and has had no time for any sort of life. sad but reality. i guess i’m glad my boss is not showing signs of bailing on us. in the workout dept, i know that i had to change up the routine, so i now do 20 min on the elliptical and i do 20 min on either the stair or the bike on alternating days. i actually do a little more than 40 minutes in total so that i register 400 cals on the eliptical and 300 on the other machines, for a 700 cal/day burn rate. it seems to be working well.

in light of all this change, wk 5 say me down to 238.0, wk 6 saw me up to 238.6, and this week i was down to 236.2 lbs.

so, sorry for the delay, but i am still working at the fat-drop, and it’s actually going mildly well. 6 1/2 months till make or break day! I may have to pick up the pace, if it is going to take 3 months to lose 10 lbs… eeek!

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not much to say about this past week. 6 days of working out and maybe 4 days of eating right, so the final tally was 239.2 lbs. meh… wish it were better, but just makes me want to push hard for the next week to get me down to a decent 1 month showing.

i’ll tell ya, boy am i dying for some peanut m&ms or nutty bars right now. that means it’s probably time for bed.

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ouch, so i’m a little late getting all of you my skinny update. well, i have good news and bad news, so i’ll start with the bad.if anyone was following me on twitter, 2 weeks ago i announced that i was going to try the biggest loser program that the office gym offers. this was actually a serious weight loss program, where i had to exercise 30 min every day for 12 weeks, do weight training, work with a trainer on the right program, and also attend some healthy living and diet classes every other week. this program would have been perfect to kick me into high gear and have an outside force help me push myself to attain my goal of 50 lbs before september. well, i didn’t make it. out of the 20 applicants, i was not chosen as one of the 6.but i can deal, somehow…

and that brings me to the good news. although it is getting harder to maintain, i am on a less food-daily exercise health plan, focusing to stay off rice, potato, white bread, and pasta, and stop all junk food during the day and minimize the junk at night and on weekends. daily exercise includes mixing it up at the gym between elliptical, stepper, cycling (maybe), and treader. and it has been working. last week i weighed in at 240.6 lbs and this week 237.2 lbs. not too bad, seeing as how i started at 243.5. i know it’s a long way to go to 200 even, but i am still on the downward and that is the important thing.

i also picked up a gym-gah (aka. partner) in the process. another big loser that wasn’t selected also wants to be down a bunch over the next few months, so we will be pushing each other in the gym to do more as well as keep each other honest in the bad food column at office food functions (of which there are too many)!

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i’ve adjusted my eating habits and devoted myself to 30 min of exercise every day and today i am proudly back to wearing my pants with the belt on the 3rd hole (the middle one) and i am down to 239.5 lbs.  this is only a cleansing week, though, next week may also be one. after that it will start getting hard to drop multiple lbs. but at least i am on my way again and determined. in terms of diet, i am just eating carefully, not cutting off everything. i will drag this strategy out as long as i can.

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in an effort to attack my 2009 goals earlier rather than later, i have enrolled in a program at work called “maintain your weight”. the way it goes, is that i weigh-in for jan, btw 143.5 lbs (ick and geez, but real), and then in dec weigh-in again. if i am lower or equal i get points towards company swag and my maintain goal for next year becomes my new weight. if higher, then no points and i use the jan weight as my next year maintain goal. i can also get points for checking my weight during the last week of each month. if there is an up swing in the weight, then make adjustments to take it off by the next weigh-in. the point is that it is easy to gain and lose weight, but hard to maintain or lose and maintain.

i am also going to register for entry into the company biggest loser program, 12 weeks of daily exercise (sometimes rigorous) and diet and training managed by the gym’s crack staff. i’ve had a goal to be under 200 lbs before i am 40, and this september marks the day that i will achieve or fail, and i am truly sick of carrying around this flabby gut. the program only accepts 6 people, so i will have to make my registration pretty compelling, so that i can get in. i really wanna do this, i really wanna be under 200 again. i don’t wanna be a friggin’ fat 40 yr old.

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yup the title says it all, a week ago saturday the no sugar diet dissolved into oblivion as the lbs rose to 235.5 and this week was no exception as the lbs continued to rise to a flopingly 238.5. i am trying desperately to get back on the ride and make a last ditch effort to get under the infamous 230 barrier before the end of the year, but tonight’s bowl of ice cream is sending me the wrong signals. there is one nearly-buddy on the intertubes that has successfully gone from 208 to 165 in 4 months using medifast. that gives me pause, because i once said that i would not ever join a gym or pay some company money for food to lose weight, but now i am deducting money from my paycheck at work to use their facilities (granted it is a small sum compared to paying for a “real” gym, but still), and look where it has gotten me. yes, i am exercising 5 or 6 days a week, but i have not lost the weight that i wanted to yet this year, heck, i am only down 6 lbs, 6 lousy lbs against my goal of 50! grmph! do i try the food buying thing or do i hanker down and keep battling with the good food vs. bad food that i find around my house?? and wher do i get the motivation (like this guy peter) to stick to it so that reach this bolldy goal?!!?

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