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yikes, sorry this is so late and the posts to the site are so miniscule, but not much happens when i am not eating too much… well… um… oops on that…

as of saturday the 13th i was still on track, down 2 lbs to 230.5. and i knew that by the 20th i would be sitting pretty somewhere under that ominous 230 mark, but i have to say that things did not go as well as i had planned. that sunday was a party that i was perfectly well behaved at until the bitter end. i was rounding up the kids and made that one last pass by the cake (that luscious, glistening, cloud-like, cake!) and couldn’t hold back any longer and had the smallest sliver. boy, was it good, and i mean “worth it” good! then tuesday’s dinner was enchilada mix over salad that pressured me to sneak 1/2 of a real one left over on my daughter’s plate. then wednesday it happened, the lunch meeting at work. i had eaten my salad before the meeting, thinking that everyone else would do the same, but the organizer had ordered pizza for lunch and, oh man, did that smell good. so good, that i ended up with 3 peices. so, i had not been so good last week. up to 235.5. yes, mostly water retention and carb storage and the old system backup syndrome, but up 5 none the less.

and then the weekend set in. the weekend before my birthday, the last one of my 30’s. uugh. and much as i tried to be good all day long, i just could not handle anything at night and was into the cookies and some brownies and chips, utter crap food. and this lasted all week. again thank the good lord for a reasonable workout program, because on the 27th i lumbered onto the scale and somehow didn’t break it. it actually read 233.5 lbs. whew. i actually thought and felt like it was going to skyrocket up near the 240 mark, devestation, but it didn’t.

so now i am faced with some serious grinding to get on any sort of track to hit the goal. i need to lose just over 30 lbs in 3 months and i have to muster up the strength and motivation to actually get into gear again. and the scary part is that i don’t feel it right now. geez. of all of my 2008 goals, this is the one that i wanted to at least make a dent in. this was the most important to me, but why is it so hard to stay motivated???  aarrgghh!

i spent the better part of an hour talking with my sister-in-law, on the phone, on my birthday about all this and i think after a couple more sessions with her filling in as my shrink and i hers, we should be able to motivate each other into accomplishing some goals this year.  i’ll keep you posted.

oh, and thanks j-ha, ur the best! and i’ll get that podcast up soon!! the weekend went sour… and then some…

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now that is what i am talking about! 3 lbs sliced off. after my 4.5 mile workout, i was all the way down to 230.0, but i now know that i can’t count the post-sweat weight.

it does feel good to be off sugar, because there are less cravings and i am more alert throughout the day. and this week was a perfect week to start. i had 2 late nights, working on a content management system for my 2 kids’ cub scout web site, as well as a 13 hour work day migrating our work development environment to another server/operating system. the cut-over was not so bad, but testing that ensued afterwards took a long time. biut through it all i remained awake and alert!

any hootenany, i’m down 3 to 232.5 and off sugar feels great after one week. i bet i will be in the 220’s next week, the first time in over a year. i’m excited!

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and here we are. the past 3 weeks have not been the greatest to me. i have not exercised 6 days each week, i’ve stayed up late (sometimes work sometimes stupidity) and slept late 3 or 4 mornings.  i’ve been somewhat stressed by the last weeks of summer; school crap shopping, broken bones and cracked skulls, bored children, mouthy children, teenagers that think they are 25 and living in their own house with their own rules, then my windows computer died, then my phone sorta died (everything worked except for making/taking phone calls). yikes, lotso little stuff piled up.

but there have been good times to, niagara falls outing, darien lake with the boy, a buffalo bills pre-season fotball game, a couple trips to the smaller local amusement park (pix still being uploaded), and loads of fun at the local pools!!

so here i am, trying to reach some lofty 2008 goals amidst all of this fun and furvor. of course, out of all of them, the one-an-only-one i wouldlove to reach was to lose the 50 lbs. the last 3 weeks have been so crazy that i have not posted much, i have even skipped the skinny updates, so here they are. 2 weeks ago, 236.0, last week 236.5, this week 235.0. it saddens me that i have worked out so hard all summer to at least get to and maintain a weifght below 230 lbs. blows my mind that this simple goal was not reached. and now, with 4 months left in the year, i am teetering on the brink of failure.

hence, i am starting skinny v5, and going back to no sugar because when i combined no sugar with consistent exercise back in 2006, the results we amazing. 2-3 lbs per week and 10 lbs per month. the great thing was that i sustained it for 3 months until personal stress ripped through and ended my ambition to keep losing weight. it was amazing to remember that it got me down to 218 that year. this time i can and will sustain it for 4 months!

skinny v5 is my way of saying that i am personally committed to making this goal a reality. i need to do this for myself. the exercise has been a great infusion into my life, but exercise alone will not take off this fat and flub. ‘sides, i really wanna cross this goal off at the end of december!

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yeah, yeah, skipped an update. i know. well you didn’t miss much. last week i was up a bit to 233.5 lbs and this week i was travelling over the weekend, so weighed in on friday morning at 232.5 lbs. i guess i can’t complain too much, being the middle of the summer and all. just like everybody else, the summer picnics and late night heat make it real tough to stay away from the icy creamy luciousness of a good sundae! so i am just hanging in there and trying to make it to sept, the final stretch to the end of the year. will I have some significant progress to show? maybe halfway to the ultimate goal? pppttthhh… right. but just maybe. i’ve never felt more fit and motivated to walk and run hard. time will tell!

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well it has been a stressful week leading up to my brother’s surgery to hopefully make sure there is no more cancer left in his body, and as a result i am thankful that i have been making the time to exercise every day, otherwise i would be a giant fatso. in the end, i put on 2 lbs, up to 232.5 lbs. next week will be different!

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i know that i skipped a week, but i bet everyone survived, didn’t you. i thought so.

i gotta say that i got some surprisingly good news. it surprised even me, and that’s hard to do! so i’ll just spit it out. 230.5 lbs! after all those somores (minus the shmarshmellow and cracker, of course) and camp food and not really behaving once i got back to civilization, and skipping the morning exercize for 2 days, i thought that i would be looking at some serious flub. but nope and i’m glad. let’s hope that i can break into the 220s by his time next week!

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skipping the skinny update this week. i was at camp from friday morning till monday night, with no scales in sight. the food was nicely portioned and regimented, so i don’t think i blew the diet portion of my program. i did not workout for 4 days, but i was on my feet all day every day (minus the 3 meals) and my legs saw loads of activity. i guess i am good on the exercize side too! we’ll see next week! later!

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i am in the middle of a great 4-day family weekend, so this update will be short and sweet. low sugar intake, high veggie intake, and 4 or 5 mi walks every day has yielded more weight loss. yeah! i am down to 231.0 lbs this week. happy 4th of july holiday all you americans! i’m having a great one!

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i can’t say that i was perfectly off sugar for the past week, but i was significantly lower. wednesday was the only weekday that was bad. i didn’t make lunch, i had no time to go buy some, i was stressing over work that was not workin, and there was food hanging around. so a nibble turned into a small feast. but it didn’t hurt the scale at all, because i counter balanced it with a ton of exercizing. a tiny adjustment to the clock radio got me to the gym 15 min early so that i could up my distance to 4 miles @ 3% grade. that burns approx 570 cals in 56 minutes. not to shabby. and even though i did not stay completely away from sugar over the weekend, i got 2 workouts of 5.5 miles each.

on to the scale!! i finally have some good scale news, but i will disclose that i hopped on after the workout. so it read 233.5 lbs. down very nicely from last weeks evil 238 reading. so, i guess this is finally a skinny update again. now i gotta make it 2 in a row! possible? tune in next week to find out.

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this week i am up 1/2 to 238 lbs. all of my thanks goes to my buddies from the old job, who went to lunch with me on fri, forced me to eat rice with my panang curry, and then forced me to stom for an ice cream afterwards, and forced me to pay for all of it! i’m dedicating losing 1/2 lb this week to you all!

actually, i freaked on sat morning when the scale read 241.5 before the 4 mi workout. luckily, the workout brought me back into the realm of possibility. i want to thank all of the commeters on the last skinny update for telling me that the workout diff is just water weight. i still have a hard time with it, because i sweat, but i can’t believe that much! but my commeters are a smart bunch and i trust them…

i want to leave you with these parting words, i’m back off sugar!! i have been getting up at 5:30am and intensely working out 6 days/wk, and have nothing to show for it. i am practically the same weight as when i started. so i have to go drastic. tune in next wk for the shocking continuation of my saga: will it be skinny update or flubby blow-out.

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