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all of the techie palm pre hype is in high gear as i enter the last week of waiting for the thing to be launched. i am really,  really hoping that everything goes as planned and i get one. i am in 2 contests at could land me one for free, the sweepstakes at sprint.comis over and i was not notified, so i am down to one chance through the SprintUsers website. if that chance bombs, i got someone on the inside hooking me up, hopefully, assuming there is stock available. i have not been excited about a phone in so long. well that is not true. i was excited by the htc touch pro when it showed up on at&t and sprint, but as a vzw guy, i had to wait for months before it was finaly released, and it sucked for the price i had to pay.

so now the pre will be here in 6 days and i might actually have my hands on one in 8 or 9. that will be pretty cool! let’s hope it doesn’t let me down.

this video is a pretty funny look at the one investor in the palm company that has made this ride so fun and new palm employee (from apple) behind making this device way cooler then ever possible.

here is the link:

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there is quite a bit of lanugage in this clip, but it is roflmao funny!

here is the link

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this guy (roger mcnamee) is great to watch. in his palm pre interviews, he just appears so pumped about the new device coming from palm. i love this excitement!

and don’t forget to chack out the other interview where he discusses the massive investment in palm…

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since i posted about the setup competition a few days back, i was flooded with comments and emails asking how my rig looked. all none of you must be assuming that it is stellar. so here is the pic, it is truly sassy!!

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sorry about the technology posts, but i need to start posting more about the technology that i play with.

so i have this verizon xv6700 phone and it runs the dreaded micr0$0ft mobile operating system. now i have to say that i have thoroughly enjoyed this device as a media player (using tcpmp, not windows media player) and as a blogging tool (pocket sharp mt is a great posting tool) and verizon’s high speed internet makes using google maps awesome. i mean i totally got a friend and myself un-lost in lower nyc because he had a t-mob blackberry pearl. i could type faster and download map images faster. and i don’t know where i’d be without wireless downloading of all of my podcasts (using ilium’s newsbreak).

did you notice the part of the device that i did not mention? right! the phone part. it’s really not that great a phone. well yes, and the operating system part is not the greatest either. and that brings me to the upgrade.

i have been following some of the pocketpc forums around hacking the phone to make it do things that were hidden from us and unlock features that were blocked in the software and other customizations… fascinating stuff! and it is amazing how much time people put into making the device work the way they want it to, instead of just conforming to the way the phone carrier or micr0$0ft wants us to use it.

just recently someone released a version of the rom that upgrades my phone to the latest version of the operating system, knowing that verizon and other carriers have abandoned the device for the newer ones and therefore forcing people like me to shell out another $300 for the latest software on hardware that is not all that much better.

last weekend i finally sat down and attempted the upgrade and it worked. and here is my new-feeling phone, still not customized yet to look real snazzy, but at least the os is upgraded and there are some new apps that are kinda cool. and except for something with my backup software that totally hangs the device, the os is snappier and much more stable.

wm6 htc startup screen IMG_9550

IMG_9555 IMG_9557

and again, the cool part is that someone else noticed that this rom release is sorta generic and had some minor flaws for verizon customers, so he has taken that customized rom and made his own version of it that corrects a bunch of stuff and adds a few other helpfull apps specific to my carrier. in a matter of weeks, when the carrier has not even done squat for over a year. this just rocks!! so this weekend, now that i am more confident that i can run these upgrades easily, i will be putting an even newer version on my phone. can’t wait!!

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gizmodo was holding a contest for the coolest computer rigs. some of them are really cool. here is the gallery. I could go for any one of them…

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if you have not seen google’s street view yet, you should check it out. it is amazing…and frightening as well. it let’s you virtually walk down the street of cities like san fran, vagas, miami, denver and nyc and look left and right and scan up and down a bit. the image quality is surprisingly good (so good you could make out faces and license plate numbers and see things in people’s windows…) and totally hooks you into wasting a good hour at a time trying to look for something interesting or funny caught on camera. so far i have found nothing, but on these 2 sites (laudon tech and wired) the lists are piling up of interesting images to look at.

i will also include one of my all-time favorite places in nyc, cbgb’s. it totally figures that the straight on view is obstructed by a ups truck, geesh!

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everyone has seen the “funny” mac vs pc commercials on tv, yeah, sorta funny. click here and for the pc vs mac commercials that are spoofs. and here and here for good cartoons too!

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so somebody had to know how many toolbar add-ons could be slapped into a firefox 2 browser. after an hour or so this was the outcome. kinda useless, imho…

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i’ve been thinking about changing to word press. my provider has just started to offer it as a blogging package, so i would not have to do anything to set it up, except press the install button on my site’s control panel. it looks like the feature set is a little better and the community is larger. but what i am really looking for is 3 features. <br />
<br />
1. adding the security feature to comments so that all of you faithful reader will only need to type some number sequence that you see in an image in order to post your witty comments back to me. that will keep out the unwanted spam postings that i have recently been attracting.<br />
<br />
2. integration with my phone. i want to find a program for my winmob5 phone that i could blog with and automatically upload entries from, including photos and video that i take with the thing. that would be quite sweet.<br />
<br />
3. podcast ready. i’ve been thinking about a few ideas for a podcast. serendipity does not appear to have the rss feed building capabilities built into it. i wanna try wp or one of the plugins for wp that does support easy creation of podcast content.<br />
<br />
oh, and maybe a 4th thing…<br />
<br />
4. more modules, templates, plugins, etc that i could use to customize the site and make into an even cooler site that it already is…<br />
<br />
now, i think wp has all of these features, but i am still investigating and i am also investigation how the migration process works, so i can move all my content over and not have to re-type it. we’ll see how it goes.<br />

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